long-term coaching




You have a clear-ish sense of what isn’t working in your life, and you've even read some Huff Po list-icles about 7 ways to fix it.

But for fuck’s sake — it's still not fixed.

Or maybe you’re not fixed? You’re willing to admit you're likely part of the problem -- who the heck knows?!

The internet/that one friend keeps telling you about bullet journaling, and celery-juicing, and hot yoga but honestly, is that stuff actually going to solve the issue and fix your life?

Erm. Probs not.

Which is really annoying, because how amazing would it be if grinding up some veggies and hanging out in a really hot room could fix everything??

Alas, many of our most struggle-tastic miseries and concerns require a little more care, consideration and honestly? Outside support.


Coaching is right for your if you're sick & tired of going it alone.

The work we do together is about uncovering and undoing all the gnarly, backwards ways you cockblock yourself from enjoying existence, going after (and getting more of) what you really want, and being who you really are, every. flippin'. day.

Cause how good does that sound?

THAT DISCLAIMER THOUGH: If you’re not ready to honestly assess and examine how you’re showing up in all areas of your life, and make changes that will have a lasting impact on the shape your life is taking, trust—I am not the right coach for you.


I likely am the right coach for you if:

  • You know you want something, and you're sick of living without it.
  • You've already tried a bunch of stuff to fix your shit, but nothing's stuck or worked.
  • You want to make the most of your one precious life, and stop wasting time in confusion, boredom, frustration, anxiety, you-name-it.
  • You believe there is something special about you, even if you’re not sure what it is.
  • You have an easy time telling the truth, talking about feelings, and taking feedback.
  • You recognize that you’re part of the problem, and love the idea of becoming your own powerful, permanent solution.

If this sounds like you, or what you've been looking for -- SWEET! I'M SO PUMPED! 

But I can only work with a certain number of rad ladies at a time, and these spots fill up fast. The good news is that individuals on the waitlist always get first dibs.


If you’d like to schedule a session as soon as space opens up, fill out the application below and I’ll be in touch ASAP if it seems like we’re a good fit: