Are you craving a super-charged dose of special, focused you-time?

A 72-hour window devoted to deepening your self-love/worth/esteem levels?

Yeah, an entire weekend spent getting un-stuck, tapping into your gifts and superpowers, laughing like you really fucking mean it, all whilst cultivating clarity and momentum towards your dreamiest intentions and (gulp) fiercest goals?

Holy hot fudge sundae.

Sounds pretty good,don't it?

I love designing private, tailor-made, weekend long coaching intensives where I can come straight to you, and together we create solutions to whatever’s getting in the way of YOUR AWESOME LIFE.

It’s one part private retreat, one part girls’ weekend, combined with hefty helpings of heart-to-heart deep talk, pampering, quality down time, yummy food + drink, and soul-strategizing.

You walk away rejuvenated, revved up, and stoked to attack life, coupled with a deep sense of clarity, purpose, and vision for the weeks and months to come.

It’s like a majestic bicycle built for two, except it’s actually a fun, powerful, transformative weekend designed just for you (or your girl gang—yes, group intensives are available).

To inquire about booking a 3-Day Coaching Intensive and learn more about the process and pricing options, fill out the form below. I’ll be in touch soon!

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