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i teach smart single women How to

GIVE LESS FUCKS and get more love



Life is hard when you’re anxiously overthinking and doubting your worth.

But dating from that place? Aw hell no - that’s near impossible.  

I promise there’s a better way.


Here’s what you’re so sick of:

  • Overthinking and obsessing

The amount of time you spend in your head is driving you nuts. Worrying about what that one guy thinks of you (and why he isn’t texting you back), comparing yourself to some perfect, skinny beauty you saw shopping for throw pillows with her boyfriend at Target, stressing over what to say to that cute stranger on’s exhausting. It’s incessant. You can’t turn your brain off.

  • Settling for less

You have said “yes” to things (ie. guys, relationships, lukewarm love) you probably should’ve said “no” to. You have regrets and shame over past choices, and worry that you’ll keep making those same mistakes. How can you possibly trust yourself when you’ve screwed up so many times? Why do you keep letting yourself down like this?

  • Wasting your time

You don’t want to keep scrolling through other people’s engagement photos on Facebook, woefully wondering if or when it will ever be your turn. You’re sick of reminiscing over past relationships, creeping your ex on Instagram, and living in a space of second-guessing and coulda-woulda-shoulda. You see bad habits and patterns, but can’t seem to snap out of them.

  • Putting yourself down

This might be the hardest part. Because sure, you overthink, you obsess, you settle, you waste your time, but then you relentlessly criticize and bully yourself for being that way. You know you need to love yourself and cherish yourself and blah blah blah, but dammit - you are so, so hard on yourself.



Now here's what you really want:

  • Untethered happiness

Way less stress, way more calm. Ease and comfort in the day-to-day, and on the date-to-date. You’re totally present and genuinely positive.

  • crystal clarity and rock star confidence

You understand and own all parts of yourself, and know exactly what you want and need in a relationship. Creating meaningful connections and communicating your standards is easy.

  • courage to take chances & fucking go for it

You are hungry and excited for the next adventure. Ready to take risks, rock a red lip, and have a blast on a promising second date this weekend (oh la la!). You’re having fun and living fully.

  • the good, steady, right kind of love

A devoted, caring, sexy partner who matches and meets you. He gets you, adores you, and supports you. A man who is commitment-ready and knows how to love on your level. Sayonara to settling.

  • to be totally whole & resilient aF

Nothing can knock you. You know your worth and are deeply fulfilled (with or without a man by your side). Regardless of what your future holds you are confident you can handle it, love yourself through anything, and have your own back. Oprah would be so proud. 

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Can I ask you some seriously drool-worthy questions?


What if you got to live and date from a place of fearless worthiness? 


How is it going to feel when you can go anywhere (a random bar, fancy event, or the closest Starbucks), knowing that any guy within a 15-foot radius would be lucky and thrilled to have you?


What is life going to be like when you stop seeking validation because you’re already happy, confident, and fulfilled on your own?


How irresistible and gorgeous will you feel when you finally let go of what other people think, and settle into a cozy throne of self-love and no-fucks-given?


Seriously. Think about it.


Your life is yours and no one else’s.

You deserve the love you want.

I’ll show you how to get it.


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