Let me show you how to GET THE LOVE YOU’RE LOOKING FOR.


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Dating these days is a doggone shitshow.

We have more options and methods for creating connection than ever before…

But we’ve never been more confused, disheartened, and lonely in our search for love.

While the old rules for dating have flown out the window (which is great in some ways), now there are just no rules, so it’s a totally FUBAR’d free-for-all.

As a result, most of the single women I speak to feel frustrated and hopeless.

Doesn’t it positively suck??

It’s hard to muster the energy to go out the door on another meaningless date, or to keep logging into the nightmarish cesspool that is Tinder.

To keep showing up to other people’s weddings with your game-face on, gritting your teeth each time someone says, “Don’t worry — it’ll be your turn someday”.

Ohhhh the rage…


Aunt Wendy has no clue what she’s talking about.

She doesn’t have to do this dating-in-the-twenty-first-century-thing; she has no clue what it’s like.

She doesn’t understand what a frustrating circle-jerk of immaturity it all is.

She hasn’t been ghosted, repeatedly flaked out on, catfish’d, gaslit, used, betrayed, or bored out of her mind listening to some narcissistic bro go on about himself as he shoves boneless chicken wings into his mouth and calls you by the wrong name.

Yup. if you’re single these days, IT’S LIKE YOU’RE automatically screwed.

And if you can’t figure out how to set yourself up for success in the 21st century love department, and not succumb to those miserable fears that “YOU’RE GOING TO BE ALONE FOREVERRRR” —

Then you will undoubtedly wake up in a decade to another wedding invitation, another boneless-wing-bro-fest, and more endless hours of loneliness and frustration and fear.

The sad cycle continuing on and on and on…


please no.

anything but that.


i promise it doesn’t have to be that way.

And despite how you might feel sometimes:

You’re not crazy for still wanting lasting love, and life-long partnership.

You’re not wrong for hoping that a beautiful relationship can still happen for you.

But there are some specific things you’re going to have to look at and heal, if you want to get into the kind of relationship you’re looking for.

uncomfortable stuff like…

  • Feeling lonely and less-than in the absence of a partner.

  • Swimming in fears that you’re just not “good enough”, or that “something must be wrong with you”.

  • Believing other women possess this magical key to confidence, or have some understanding of relationships and men, that you just don’t have (or at some point, lost).

  • Falling into obsession-mode and crushing on just about anyone, to temporarily distract yourself from sadness and insecurity.

  • Struggling with boundaries and having a hard time understanding and vocalizing your needs.

  • Frequently seeking outside validation - especially from the opposite sex - even though you know it doesn’t work in terms of legitimately increasing your self-esteem.

  • Wondering if you’re simply unfit for lasting love because of childhood wounds, or problematic attachment patterns.

  • Buying into the idea that “all the good guys are taken” and it’s just too late for you.

  • Avoiding putting yourself out there, and risking rejection because it sends you into a spiral of self-criticism and deep shame.

  • Zero fun, faith, or delight in your pursuit of Great Love. It’s all so stressful, pointless,so you’re preparing for the worst — a life of solitary frustration and misery.

Aren’t you sick of ALL that shit?

aren’t you SO ready for something more?

Awesome. Because I promise that while you might be single, you are so not screwed.

And you’re allowed to feel all those things, and be struggling right now.

You’re also allowed to want a great relationship and long for love — of course you are!

Love and connection are two of the biggest reasons why we’re here.

But you and I both know that when you’re struggling in relationships with others, it’s largely because you struggle most in relationship to yourself. (Gulp.)

And if we’re being really honest:

Along with lasting love and partnership, most of the time what we as women actually want?

we just want to feel okay with ourselves.

To feel whole, Finally. Just as we are.

We want to feel fulfilled and satisfied independently, and to stop torturing ourselves over the fact that we haven’t found “the one” yet.

We want to stop the constant self-criticism, and no longer allow our self-worth to depend on our relationship status.

We want to quit comparing our lives to anyone else’s, wondering where we stack up in terms of how things “should” be…

No more should’s.

No more self-criticism.

No more feeling not good enough.

I SEE YOU. I feel you. I get it.

You want to feel confident, worthy, and unshakeable, no matter what life throws your way.

To know you can handle whatever is in store for you as a fully-realized, self-actualized, twenty-first century woman.

And you want to be equally optimistic and thrilled for the inevitable relationship of your dreams.

To have a man come into your life who blows your mind and worships the ground you walk on.

Can you have all of that? Is it even possible?

BABYGIRL. of course it’s possible.


but we gotta firm up your foundation.

Let me explain…

After going through a gut-wrenching break-up in 2015, I had reached the end of my relationship rope.

I caught myself in the same devastating loop that was all too familiar to me — getting lost in another guy, putting someone else’s needs above my own, going against my intuition…

And then being left heartbroken, with nothing to show for it.

I was so sick of my own BS, and knew that I need to make changes before I leapt into another dead-end relationship (in an effort to avoid the dreaded “single” stage).

So I created a “curriculum” of sorts, just for myself.

I committed to a new way of doing my solo life, vowing that I would never again fall into those same relationship traps.

For the first time in my life I prioritized myself and my goals, embraced being on my own, developed a solid self-care practice, and started actually following through.

I relentlessly practiced setting boundaries, and stopped making excuses for bad behavior or mistreatment (both other people’s, and my own).

I start developing more self-respect and healthy habits for increasing my self-esteem, instead of looking for outside validation and approval.

as a result, my entire life changed.

Not only did I wake up each day genuinely excited to tackle the next 24 hours, amped on the potent drugs of self-love and personal accountability—

But I started noticing a difference in how other people were responding to me…

More specifically: All these guy-people…who suddenly wanted to snag a date on my calendar…?

And these guys, well, they were more like men.

They were kind, attentive, hot, and had their shit together.

They were actively pursuing me, wanting to plan dates in advance, and always texting back.

My independent life had become so stellar and joyous, and my love life was quickly following suit…wtf?

Photo by Julia Fay Photography

Photo by Julia Fay Photography

What was going on?

Had I mysteriously entered a weird vortex of romantic un-suck?

After years of chasing the wrong guys and falling into relationships steeped in lopsided love, had I died and officially gone to legitimately-available-and-attentive-men heaven?

No, not at all.

I was just showing up as the confident, powerful, capable woman I had always wanted to be (and secretly always was).

Cause listen: When a woman shows up that way in the world — authentic, radiant, comfortable in her own skin, entirely empowered — fellas can’t help but take notice. And take interest.

They want in on that shit, because that shit is (unfortunately) so rare these days.

My love life and my life-life kept getting better and better, so after a year plus of testing these practices and infusing them into my one-on-one coaching work, I created the first iteration of “Single & Slaying It”.

It was a coaching program for women who YES, longed for love and wanted to have a beautiful, committed relationship with a wonderful partner—

But who ultimately understood that they needed to heal the relationship they had with themselves, and their independent lives, first.

Because if you aren’t willing to work on your solo stuff, any relationship you get into will just be a shaky house built on a crumbling foundation.

If you want to do the foundational work of relationship-building, and prime yourself for the rock solid, hot-and-healthy coupling of your dreams, this is the program for you.




Here’s an overview of what you can expect as a result of joining the program:

  • Finally feeling worthy of the high quality love, commitment, and partnership you long for.

  • Being confident in yourself, excited for your future, and equipped to create life on your terms, with a supportive partner by your side.

  • Finding yourself attracting a whole new caliber of high quality men who want to woo you like the Queen you are.

  • Feeling accomplished and at peace everyday knowing you are actively working towards heart-centered goals, and taking epic good care of yourself in the process.

  • No longer avoiding hard conversations or potential conflict, you’re comfortable communicating your needs and setting healthy boundaries.

  • Ending habits of self-sabotage towards healthy connection (because old patterns of unworthiness and attraction to unavailability will be eradicated).

  • Eliminating your inner critic and stepping out of comparison, as well as any gnarly fears around rejection and failure.

  • Renewed trust in yourself, and in the joyous process of experiencing your greatest love yet.

    So much yum.





This 8-week group coaching is a whole picture reprogramming of everything that’s holding you back from showing up as your most powerful, confident, fun-loving self in your love life.

Because that is who your dream guy is looking for — he needs to see your sparkle, to feel your heart, and he wants to know that you’re a whole, happy, functional human (with or without him!).

He isn’t out there looking for this anxious, half-empty, version of you so we want you operating at FULL-CUP CAPACITY. Does that make sense?

Because when a woman knows how to fill up her cup, and courageously takes her solo life into her own hands, and then commits to renewing her romantic future…

Magic happens:

She’s driven and therefore hella desirable.

She’s her own person, and therefore completely captivating.

She’s unapologetic, and therefore undeniable.

ARE YOU READY to BE that woman?


Sign up by Monday 9/16 and you’ll also receive:

  1. The Self-Love Trifecta ($47 Value)

    My 3-part self-love course! You’ll have practical tools for rebuilding self-trust, and learn how to cultivating more respect and support for yourself internally.

  2. “Calling In: The Man Who Wants To Be With You” ($149 Value)

    In this exclusive live workshop I’ll break down exactly what needs to change so you can align with your ideal partner, and be 100% ready for the relationship of your dreams. (All through the lens of my popular Instagram Story series, “The Man Who Wants to Be With You”!)





  • 8 Weekly group calls* via Zoom Video beginning Tuesday 10/1 @ 5pm EST.

  • The Single & Slaying It video library, complete with everything to prepare you for our group calls and take the SASI teachings into real life!

  • Invitation to a private Facebook group with the other Slayers, to receive support, share discoveries, and celebrate breakthroughs along the way.

one payment of $777

3 monthly payments of $299




  • Everything included above in “Full Group Access”

  • Two private 50-min coaching calls with me over the course of the 8-week program.

  • One follow-up group call with the other VIP Slayers 4 weeks after the program has ended, to make sure you’re doing amazing and staying on track!

One payment of $1800

3 monthly payments of $600



"This program will change your whole perspective on dating and relationships, because it’s so much more than that.

It’s about the relationship that you have with yourself and how that translates into all other areas in your life.

You’ll make some seriously mind blowing realizations about yourself and relationships and it’ll change your life."

“I learned how to trust my journey and how to trust myself. I learned how to dream big, set goals for myself, and be my own cheerleader. This program has changed my perspective and uplifted me in so many ways.”

"Working with Amy is an investment in your relationship with yourself. She knows how to help you steer so that you are aligned with your true heart. And she's excited to dream with you. I'll also say: Through our work to explore my relationship to dating, two months later I've met and managed to hold onto a partner in what has been my healthiest and happiest relationship to date."


"It's a super fun community of women, and Amy assigns exercises designed to both demonstrate her philosophies and facilitate more self-awareness. But it's not hokey!

They’re fun and meaningful ways to get in touch with yourself and find greater purpose in life and love. I can't emphasize the 'fun' aspect enough..."

"As a result of doing this work, my overall demeanor has changed. I'm more confident in myself and my decisions and more comfortable in my own skin. I'm less affected by others, especially guys and dating. I feel positive and brave."

“DO NOT HESITATE. Sign up now. The community of other women going through the material is this gentle reminder that you are not alone. Amy led the group with truth and grace, always encouraging, supportive, and insightful. Every week, there was so much juicy content. The more I invested my time and myself to the program, the benefits were exponentially returned.


As with any work of this nature, what you put into this program is what you will get out of it. The last thing I want is for you to sign up and then realize that you can’t commit fully. Please think about what is in your best interest at this time, and if you have the bandwidth and capacity to be accountable to yourself, the group, and me as your coach, for a thrilling, enchanted, 8-week, wild ride.

*All coaching calls will be recorded in the event that you cannot attend live. Yay for technology.

If you have questions, you are welcome to email my team and we’ll figure out if SASI is a good fit for you: