STOP WASTING YOUR TIME fumbling around on dating apps


Julia Fay Photography

Julia Fay Photography

If you want to meet a wonderful and worthy partner, and you're attempting to do so on any online dating platform, then this is the answer to your Bumble-lovin' prayers.


Think about it:

No more frustrating, back-and-forth, pen-pal style conversations with douche-goobers that never go anywhere.

No more overwhelm and annoyance at the volume of men who think a fuzzy photo of themselves holding a fish plus a single beer emoji suffices as a profile. 

No more wasted date nights spent sitting across from a hook-up-hungry, skeevy trash-weasel who just wants to get in your pants and oh yeah - he's nothing like he was online. (Don't you hate when that happens?)


I completely get it.

When you've been at it for awhile, the online dating world can go from being a sea of sexy plenty, to a wasteland of creepy cast-offs you wouldn't set up with your worst enemy. Let alone spend your precious Taco Tuesday with...

But as a life and love coach to 21st century single women, I know that online dating is a powerful tool for creating magical connections that lead to loving, lasting relationships.

But I also know that if you don't have a solid understanding of what actually works on these apps - and what doesn't work?

If you don't empower yourself with a specific process, and have high standards in place?

If you think you can just casually roll onto Tinder, Hinge (or any other app), and run smack-dab into the right relationship for you? 

You are sadly, sorely mistaken.

That's exactly why I'm spilling all the necessary secrets and time-tested tips to get you thriving on the apps — because using the internet to attract your soulmate shouldn’t be that fucking hard.





Yes, you can find love on a dating app


For the record, "Swiping like a boss" means:


  • Getting excited to log on and and create connections with worthy men, because you know exactly what you want and precisely how to get it.


  • Having a solid, step-by-step framework for establishing meaningful connections that effortlessly upgrade to real-life meet-ups.


  • Knowing what to say and how to say it (both in your profile and initial conversations), so you become an irresistible magnet for your ideal partner.


  • Setting yourself (and your self-esteem) up for success, so you’re steady and unbothered amidst potential hiccups, exercising boundaries is a total breeze, and you never have to worry about some stupid, insignificant, algorithm.


  • Mastering "the inner game" of online dating -- because if you think your current attitude, outlook, and energy aren't directly impacting your experience on these apps, you're lying to yourself. WHAT YOU BRING WITH YOU ONTO THE APPS REALLY, REALLY MATTERS.

can i ask you some very real questions?

Do you want to quit aimlessly matching, but never getting anywhere relationship-wise?

Are you ready to to stop blaming the apps, and acting like this amazing medium for connection "just doesn't work" for you?

Are you sick of listening to yourself complain about how pointless it is to even tryyy?

And instead -- start reveling in the joys of dating from your couch without even having to put pants on??


If it's a resounding, "HELL YES TO THE TINDER-GODS AND GODDESSES ABOVE!" then what the effing eff are you waiting for?!

Julia Fay Photography

Julia Fay Photography

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