Talking about yourself is such a bizarre nightmare; have you noticed?

Like, what does one lead with?


Where you were born (Boston, Massachusetts)?

Your zodiac sign (classic Libra)?

Myers-Briggs (INFP for days)? 

Or perhaps you elevator-pitch it, like a real pro (I’m a life coach and speaker in the personal development world, supporting smart, self-aware single women in experiencing increased satisfaction and success in their love lives and beyond. Did I give you my card? Here let me give you my card…*rummages through bottomless purse for card*)

Or maybe you offer a list of your most cherished accolades; doling out solid evidence of your accomplishments and impress-ibilities (6+ million YouTube views, a global coaching practice, glowing testimonials, etc.)?

Long Black Dress-0240.jpg

Ick. Snore. No thanks.


I’m a curious, left-handed goofball of a woman with a penchant for telling it like it is in the most loving, “I FEEL YOU,” way possible.

I care deeply for my fellow human peeps (you!) and desperately desire for all of us to have way more fun than we’re currently having.

I wish we didn’t take ourselves so seriously, but I hope we’re taking our ephemeral lives, our fulfillment, our sense of self-worth, and our ability to exist in whatever way we choose very seriously. 

I speak, and teach, and coach so we can all let out a collective sigh of relief in the recognition that ohmigah, we are so not alone! We are all in this together! And it’s actually okay to lighten up, to let go of what isn’t serving us, to own our unique personal greatness, to give all the right fucks in all the right places, and to take existence by the horns.

I want to support you in shedding the layers of everything that you are not so it feels easier to show up as who you really are. I want you to like yourself and love your life and get legitimately excited about the future you are creating.

I also want chocolate croissants and naps and endless hours in a day so I can watch Bravo marathons without feeling like I’m wasting my life away.



So that’s just a bit about me. But let’s be real — we’re all so much more multi-dimensional and layered than we let on.

If you’re into the idea of exploring your own bodacious layers, or discover new dimensions…maybe it makes sense to talk more about who you really are? And what you really want? Yeah? Click below, boo-boo.