Time to be totally upfront and honest.

When it comes to contact, you need to know that I love getting emails from you. LOVE IT.


I am obsessed with learning about you, your story, your triumphs, your struggles, hearing how my videos and blog posts have altered your world over the years. Your e-letters and outpourings of appreciation mean more to me than I can possibly describe. With that said...

Even though I read through (and deeply appreciate!) every email you send, due to the volume of messages I receive on a daily basis I cannot respond to everything. And to be completely upfront and honest, I do not offer advice via email.

I have found that far too much can be misinterpreted through the written word, and I would have to know so much more about you and your situation before I could possibly extend guidance. The last thing I want is to offer you some stock, boxed wisdom that sends you in the wrong direction.

Now that that’s out of the way – if you have questions about working with me, a burning video request, or want to share something personal that’s intended for my eyes only, you can email me at amy@amyyoungcoaching.comI will always respond when I can!

And if you’d like to hear from me regularly, and aren’t signed up to receive updates, check-ins, and delightful nuggets of virtual fun-lightenment...well, scroll down cutie!