3 Ways We Make Life Harder Than It Needs to Be


We make life harder than it needs to be when we are… 1) Rejecting what is.

If you are heartbroken, accept that you’re heartbroken. If you’re angry, stop rejecting or pushing away that anger. Live in it. Recognize that it’s there, and do not condemn it.

As long as you are rejecting, living in denial of what is, or trying to make something into that which it is so not, a struggle persists. Stop rejecting - it is what it is. Accept, accept, accept.

AND REMEMBER: Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to like it. It doesn’t mean that whatever is happening is okay, and it doesn’t mean you are agreeing to live with it forever. Acceptance just means you see something for exactly what it is, and you are done trying to act like it’s any different. When we accept something, we no longer allow our negativity or discomfort to control us. So stop rejecting! It’s freeing! It’s easy! Try it!

2) Trying to be someone you’re not (or trying to be someone you used to be).

Straying from our own internal nature is a worthy exploration, but when we make it a regular habit life gets really hard (and really confusing), very quickly.

When we behave in a way that is not in alignment with what we want, or who we truly are on a deep, authentic level, we suffer. We confuse what we want with what everyone else wants. We lose our voice.

Standing in who you are and admitting to yourself exactly what you’re all about is empowering and a lot less scary than you probably think. It’s always easier to be true to yourself than to try and manipulate that identity just to satisfy others.

You know who you are, so start being more of that person. It’s great! It’s so easy! TRY IT!!

3) Caring what other people think

Stop worrying about the imaginary conversations you think people are having about you. Those self-slamming sessions exist only in your head. So get outta there! Turn that mental mechanism off! It is doing nothing for you, except making you afraid to be yourself, afraid to admit what you desire, and then live into the fullest expression of that.

Our daily life experiences become much easier when we stop giving into some sick, status-quo-serving pressure to worry about what everyone thinks. We have no idea, really. And if someone is thinking terrible things about us, that says a lot more about them and who they are than it does about who we are.

Stop worrying about anyone else, and take care of you! It makes everything easier. It feels so much more better! FOR THE LOVE O’ GOD, TRY IT!!!

Listen, you don’t have to feel stressed or confused or crappy! Au contraire, your daily life experience should feel good! It should be easy! Decide that a sense of ease towards life is important to you - it should be, anyway. Stop making anything harder than it needs to be - I applaud any and all efforts you make to move in an easier, breezier, more feel-good direction. Much love!

xo Amy