"It's Never Really About the Text Message" // #mantramonday


You text. You wait... The minutes tick by...then hours..then more hours...you're pretty good at distracting yourself but it's not really working...why hasn't he texted back? Where is he? What does it mean?!? And what if he never responds?!!

The waiting game is agonizing, and it's all too familiar to most of us. In my #mantramonday video this week I talk about what's really going on here, and what needs to happen so you can keep these uncomfortable flare-ups to a minimum. Watch below!


[video align="center" aspect_ratio="16:9" width="70" autoplay="0"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuhVWOvZNFE[/video]


Have you ever caught yourself in the midst of a mental freak-out like the one I depict here? If it's not about the text, what is it really about, for you? And what do you do to "snap out of it", and get back in touch with your larger sense of self?? Please comment below!

And hey, share this video with a lady friend you know can relate. We've all been there at one time or another, and recognizing that we're not alone is so wonderfully comforting - that's what #mantramondays are all about!

So Much Love,