50 Ways to Activate Your Inner Badass. Starting? Now.


Badass is the new black. It's chic, edgy, thrilling, and undeniably appealing.

So why do so many of us still feel like we’re living in a world of pastels and polka-dot trousers?

Because, well, being badass sounds cool…but also kinda scary. And slightly mysterious. How does one activate and exercise their inner “badass”, exactly?

When my clients want to push themselves towards the big b-word, we explore what his or her unique brand of badass, confidence, and comfort-zone-pushing looks like, and devise clear exercises and activities to engage with.

Because exercising one’s badass-ness means exploring the freaky terrain beyond your beloved comfort zone. We must be willing to try something new. To potentially look foolish. To put ourselves out there, unsure of what the results or outcome will consist of.

Badass-ery requires a certain level of giving-no-fucks and daring to be different. But, don't we all want to experience a little more of that? Wouldn't that be awfully freeing??


Thusly, I’ve written out fifty of my favorites exercises for activating and exercising various brands of badass. Regardless of how we might be wanting to grow, or if we just wanna feel more boom-shaka-laka on the regular, there’s something in here for everyone.

Disclaimer: I have tackled many of these, as have my clients, and fair warning? They produce some wild, confidence-fueling, adrenaline-rush-y results. Read at your own risk.

  1. Do karaoke.
  2. Do karaoke sober.
  3. Do karaoke sober, and completely alone. Shit.
  4. Tell your crush how you feel. Like, in real life, face-to-face.
  5. Sign up for that improv class. The art show. The open mic. The Spartan race.
  6. Start a dance party at a bar that doesn’t have a dance floor. Yes, sober.
  7. Ask for that raise.
  8. Quit the damn job.
  9. Apply for the damn job.
  10. High-five strangers very enthusiastically. (Not a joke.)
  11. Your hair: Chop it off. Dye it. Cornrows. Get creative.
  12. Make your bed and work out first thing in the morning every day this week.
  13. Buy a one-way ticket somewhere you’ve never been before (somewhere within the state totally counts).
  14. Smile and make eye contact with seven cute strangers today.
  15. Busk.
  16. Genuinely ask someone what his or her biggest dream is.
  17. Spontaneously tell someone what your biggest dream is.
  18. Delete your Facebook.
  19. Leave the house in your loudest, most out there ensemble. Stomp around town listening to a song that makes you channel your inner Sasha Fierce.
  20. Write something and submit it to a blog/journal/newspaper, or publish it your damn self.
  21. Name your least favorite part(s) of your body something ever-so endearing. Talk to it/her/him like you love ‘em. “Oh Winnie, you’re the most beautiful cluster of stretch marks I ever did see.”
  22. Pay for dinner, the movie, drinks, coffee, and expect nothing in return.
  23. Go to a nude beach and let is allllll hang out.
  24. Write your life story so it befits the title: “[Your Name Here]: A Story of Survival and Slay-age”. Include every hardship you’ve encountered. Note how you fuckin’ made it.
  25. Rock a crazy, bold, unapologetic red lip.
  26. Don’t wear make up for two weeks.
  27. Go to a show or sporting event. Cheer louder than anyone else. Make. A. Scene.
  28. Radically celebrate really small things for an entire day. “YES! I GOT OUT OF BED!”
  29. Apologize for that time you messed up. Yes, in real life. Face-to-face.
  30. Tell someone what you believe in. The Universe, magic, affirmations, fairies, Jesus, astrology, all of the above. Come clean, and own it.
  31. Get the tattoo.
  32. Get the tattoo removed.
  33. Sing in the shower way louder than usual.
  34. Plan a weekend away just for you. Go there all by your bad self.
  35. Before bed every night, write down three ways in which you kicked ass that day.
  36. Look at all of your debt.
  37. Admit your struggle. Ask for help. Cry if you need to.
  38. Practice your cartwheel/handstand/toughest yoga pose in public. As in: where people can see you.
  39. Paint something. Draw something. Bead something. Sew something. Sell it.
  40. Invite people over to your place. Cook. Clean up. Play hostess.
  41. Write a letter of appreciation and thanks to someone far away. Send it to them.
  42. Run a half a mile longer than you think you can.
  43. Show your midriff.
  44. Stop sucking it in.
  45. Zumba.
  46. Belly-dance.
  47. Burlesque.
  48. Tell him/her/them how you really feel.
  49. Climb something big. Take a picture of yourself at the top. Print it out and scrawl “BADASS” across the pic in sharpie. Frame it. Put it somewhere you can be reminded.
  50. Do every single thing on this list in the next year. No excuses.

The most important part here? Whatever you choose to do, commit, commit, commit.

Pick something that tugs at your heartstrings but also freaks you out every-so-slightly. It might make you feel silly or even scared. If you read it over and think, “I don't know if I can do that…but I kinda want to…” that’s probably a good one to explore further.

Whatever you choose, whether it’s on this list or something that’s been percolating inside you, WRITE IT ON THE CALENDAR. Tell a friend what you’re planning. Put your big girl ( or boy) pants on, and make it happen.

And if you’re ready to get real serious? For any exercise you choose, ask yourself the following three questions:

1) What do I need to do to complete this task?

Do you need any supplies? A friend’s support? Time? Money? Get really specific. If you need something, how and when can you get it? In what context do you intend to intend to try this out?

Ex. If I’m going to show off my midriff & not suck it in (THE HORROR), do I need to buy a crop top? When can I go shopping for one that I really like and want to wear? And where will I wear it? Yoga class? Which day? Don’t skip over details.

2) How can I ensure that I actually get it done?

In a coaching setting, I have clients email or text me upon completion of their badass task. Can you create a plan to text or call a friend who would be willing to hold you accountable? Do you need to set a reminder on your phone or digital calendar? Plan a reward for after you finish, and make it something you can really look forward to. We all need incentives and accountability! Get clear on what can help you git 'er done.

3) What can I remind myself of when I get scared, or want to chicken out?

Anticipate fear. Expect to want to back out. Be prepared to remind yourself why you’re performing this task, what it represents, and why it’s important to you. Imagine how you’ll feel upon completion! Feel the sense of satisfaction and celebration you’ll tap into! When you can shift your focus to the reward, the emotional outcome, the larger “why” behind tackling this task, your fear is more likely to take a backseat.

I feel the need to also remind you that being more bold, brazen, or "badass" in your everyday life is all about letting yourself have FUN. And not taking yourself so seriously.

The second this feels like serious work? You've missed the point.

Keep it light. Play around. Test the waters, and see how you feel. And pretty, pretty please: let me know how it goes.

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