50 Things that Matter Way More than Worrying About What Other People Think


Most of us spend too much time and (wasted) effort concerned with what other people think about us and our cute but often-flawed existence. We could be spending those hours minutes moments doing literally anything else, and it would probably be a better use of time, but this human stuff? Jeez, sometimes it's hard. HAAARD.

Hard like the avocado you brought home from Trader Joe's yesterday that probably won't be ripe in time for you to make guacamole for book club this Tuesday. Ugggh whyyyy?! The struggle!

The truth we all seem to know but quickly forget is that what other people think simply isn't that important (unlike guacamole and well-read friends, both of which are exceedingly important).

In anticipation of the next time you forget the aforementioned VERY IMPORTANT LIFE-SUPPORTING TRUTH, finding yourself stressing out post-book club wondering if that new girl's comment about people who drink too much was directed at you--cause it didn't seem like it was, but maybe...

And is everyone getting the wrong impression about your love life because you posted all those photos of your cat to Instagram last week? Like, are you suddenly a drunk spinster in everyone's eyes??!

Um, put down the wine, slow the fuck down, and check out this comprehensive list of 50 things that matter way than your imaginary ideas of what anyone else is thinking/saying/judging about you.

I suggest spending a minimum of 17 seconds refocusing on any of the following:

  1. What you think of yourself.
  2. Having some good old-fashioned fun.
  3. Breathing deeply. Y'know, like you mean it.
  4. Actually relaxing and attempting to be present in this moment.
  5. Eating absurdly delicious food.
  6. Dancing like an absolute idiot.
  7. Laughing so hard you can barely breathe.
  8. Saying what you mean.
  9. Meaning what you say.
  10. Knowing what you stand for.
  11. Not letting fear run every aspect of your precious existence.
  12. Doing what you know in your bones and heart and soul to be right.
  13. Singing in the car.
  14. Dreaming.
  15. Dreaming big, even.
  16. Being brave enough to tell people about your big dreams.
  17. Falling asleep at night knowing you did your best, because that's all any of us can ever fucking hope for.
  18. Representing yourself fairly and fully.
  19. Honoring what is true for you.
  20. Being kind.
  21. Being creative.
  22. Not taking yourself too seriously.
  23. Living it up.
  24. Cultivating compassion.
  25. Attempting to understand more, better.
  26. Taking courage.
  27. Feeling seen.
  28. Feeling heard.
  29. Feeling like you matter (because you do).
  30. Giving up on popularity.
  31. Feeling like yourself.
  32. Making peace with yourself.
  33. Loving yourself.
  34. Accepting yourself.
  35. Finally ending any internal war you have going on with yourself. (Any victory will be in your favor.)
  36. Listening to music you actually like.
  37. Dressing how you actually want.
  38. Being comfortable in your own skin.
  39. Admitting imperfection is more than okay (it's a given).
  40. Finally realizing you have always been and always will be good enough.
  41. Not trying so hard for all the wrong reasons.
  42. Asking for help.
  43. Admitting when you’re wrong.
  44. Letting go of needing to be right.
  45. Investing in the idea that it can absolutely get better.
  46. Designing and building a life you love.
  47. Sharing your gifts.
  48. Being unapologetically happy.
  49. Throwing a middle finger up at the haters.
  50. Realizing, finally, once and for all, that this is your one life, honey-bun. (For. Real.)

Cue the U2 music. Except not really, cause I think that's a song about a one night stand? I dunno, whatever works, Bono.

The funny thing about this whole issue is that when we're worrying about what she thinks, or what he thinks, or what they think, they're standing over in the other corner worrying about what we think.

Yes, it's the dumbest circle of life, and it moves us all, in the most terrible ways.

So break the circle by committing to other points of focus. Invest in what's actually important (ex. Points 1-50), instead of what momentarily pulls your attention (ex. "Are they talking about my cankles?").

I know you can do it, and if you need a reminder? Just bookmark this bitch. It's here when you need it.

Big love. Big hugs. And don't forget to give that good-good stuff to yourself, too.

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